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Development of Palliative Care in Armenia
Anahit Papikyan, MA, Stephen R. Connor, PhD, and Davit Amiryan, PhD
Journal of Pain and Symptom Management
Vol. 55 No. 2S February 2018
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Public Health Reviews
Palliative care and human rights in patient care: an Armenia case study
Gabriela Barros de Luca, Violeta Zopunyan, Naomi Burke-Shyne, Anahit Papikyan and Davit Amiryan
Public Health Reviews
Vol. 38:18 2017
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Public Health Reviews
The development of mental health strategy in Armenia: A review of the activities of the Armenian mental health policy working group
Zsolt Bugarszki, Anahit Chilingaryan, Anahit Papikyan, Marieta Temuryan and Davit Amiryan
Journal of Social Sciences of Tallinn University School of Governance, Law and Society
EWS Number 7 (46) December 2016
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