Women’s Program

The Women’s Program promotes women’s rights protection and gender equality, and enhances women’s social and political participation as an important component of the democratic process. The program is meant to raise public awareness of gender issues, to empower women’s NGOs and women’s movements throughout the country in general.

While designing its tactics, Women’s Program has set the following priorities:

  1. To increase women’s political participation and leadership skills and to promote women’s involvement in public and political life
  2. To sustain initiatives to eliminate discrimination against women and to further combat social and cultural inequalities
  3. To support initiatives to stop violence against women through advocating for the passage of a standalone law on prevention of domestic violence
  4. To build the capacity of women’s rights advocates and stakeholders, to identify common priority goals and develop a cohesive strategy

Reports supported by the Foundation:

  • Alternative report on the implementation of the CEDAW (English|Armenian)