Policy Discussions

Through policy discussions organized in the framework of its Fellowship Program OSFA aims to contribute to the development of collaboarative culture amongst independent researchers, faculty, policy analysts, consultants and the Government for the formulation and implementation of more efficient policy alternatives in selected fields.

Academic Dishonesty in Armenian Higher Education System and the Bologna Process
November 19th 2013

Speakers included Kristine Antonyan (PhD in Economics), Yerevan State University, OSFA’s Policy Fellowship Program Fellow, and Mkhitar Gabrielyan PhD in History, Yerevan State University, OSFA’s Policy Fellowship Program Fellow. Discussants provided original quantitative and qualitative data along with targeted policy recommendations. Government Officials from Ministry of Education, National Institute of Education, representatives of university quality assurance centers, regional university representatives, student bodies, faculty and wider intersted circles actively participated in the discussion and presneted their viewpoints on the course of the Bologna reform in Armenia and associated quality related problems. Further advocacy of the findings through individual meetings and consultations with revelevant stakeholders at the government and at universities is in progress.