Arevik Anapiosyan

Kristine Antoyan

Sos Avetisyan

Olya Azatyan

Heghine Badalyan

Victoria Burnazyan graduated from Yerevan State University Journalism Department; Journalism Department of the International Center for Science Education at the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, and holds a master’s degree. A journalist by profession, she covers environmental issues. The scope of her research interests include hydropower, mining, natural resource conservation and management and human rights protection. She is the Editor-in-chief of “EcoLur” Information NGO ( She also works at the Information-Analytical Center of the RA National Academy of Sciences as a journalist.

Hamazasp Danielyan holds PhD in Political Science from Yerevan State University, where he also was engaged as a professor delivering various graduate courses, including on public policy analysis. Elections and electoral systems is one of the important subfields both in terms of his academic interests and expertise as a practitioner. Member of the International Political Science Association since 2013, he has contributed to the works of Institute of Public Policy and Appella Institute of Policy Analysis and Dialogue, and served in the past as a board member of Policy Forum Armenia.

Mkhitar Gabrielyan

Inessa Chilingaryan

Valentina Gevorgyan holds Master’s degree in Political Science from American University of Armenia, and is a doctoral student in Political Science at University of Fribourg. Her academic interests are in the spheres of society – state relations and development of post-Soviet countries. She served as a senior researcher of a four-year study (2012-2016) on Armenian civil society supported by Academic Swiss Caucasus Net. She has published articles and reports on civil society and volunteering.
Arevik Ghalumyan

Armen Grigoryan holds a Master’s degree in Political Science and International Relations from American University of Armenia. Currently, he is Project Coordinator at Transparency International Anti-Corruption Center. He is co-author of the book titled “The Political Elite of Post-Independence Armenia: Characteristics and Patterns of Formation’’, and a columnist at EVN Report, Civilnet and Media-max writing on democratization, civil society, economic development as well as political development in Armenia. He is a visiting lecturer at Russian Armenian (Slavonic) University at the faculty of World politics and international relations.

Hasmik Grigoryan is a PhD researcher at Dublin City University School of Law and Government. Her research interests include the behavior of non-democracies, political situation in post-Soviet space and conflicts. She is also currently a program manager at Yerevan based Analytical Centre on Globalization and Regional Cooperation.

Lilit Grigoryan holds a master’s degree from University of Southern California and a bachelor’s degree from Yerevan State University. The fields of specialization are International Relations and Diplomacy. Her research interests include gender studies, role of media in shaping gender roles, reproductive health and education, anti-tobacco campaigns and policies. Currently, she is Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist at the National Institute of Health of the Armenian Ministry of Health.

Lusine Grigoryan

Arsen Hakobyan graduated from YSU Faculty of History, and received his PhD in Social/Cultural Anthropology. His research interests include complex identity and diaspora groups, anthropology of ethnic conflicts, violence, and deportation. He is a senior researcher at the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography, and a lecturer at YSU.

Gharib Harutyunyan

Hovhannes Hovhannisyan

Lusine Karamyan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Yerevan State University and a Master of Science degree in Social Management and Social Work at Manchester University. She is a full-time professor at the Faculty of Sociology of the Yerevan State University, a researcher and a member of the Institute of Public Policy team. Her research interests include public health and HIV; Human Rights; SOGI and LGBT issues; education, diversity and inclusion.,

Ben Kennard

Serine Khachatryan holds degree in high legal education from Yerevan State University Faculty of Law, specializing in Civil law, Corporate law, and Administrative law. The areas of her research interests include pension (social security) rights, labor rights, right to education. Currently she serves as a corporate lawyer in commercial (business) organization.

Vilen Khachatryan

Artak Kyurumyan is an independent researcher and consultant with experience in international development, public policy and administration. He has worked for the Ministry of Finance of Armenia. As an independent consultant he worked in the World Bank, European Union, USAID, DFID funded projects on implementation of medium term expenditure framework, program budgeting and public debt management. He received Master’s in Engineering degree from American University of Armenia and an MBA from Tulane University.

Anna Makaryan

Nvard Manasian holds a Master of Arts in political science and Master of Community Planning. The specific field/s of specialization include higher education policy and integration into the European Area of Higher Education. Further knowledge in quality assurance processes. Besides, is also specialized in equity issues linked to gender sensitive socialization and policy provision. Her research interests include education policy, higher education policy and gender relevant research into the perceptions and foundations of socialization, as well as gender relevant analytics of the labor market. Currently, she is Gender Equality Officer at the UNICEF.,

Sona Manusyan
Avetik Mejlumyan
Araks Melkonyan

Armine Mkhitaryan holds MA degree in Political Science and International Affairs from American University of Armenia. Previously, she worked as a Research Assistant in the Council of Europe office in Armenia and Caucasus Research Resource Centers. Currently, she is a freelance researcher and evaluation specialist working on issues connected with the decentralization policies and mechanisms.

Hrach Mkrtchyan
Anna Ohanjanyan

Alina Poghosyan is a researcher in the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences, Armenia. She received her PhD in Social Anthropology in the same institute. In 2015-2016 as a post-doctoral fellow, she worked at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA, researching and teaching on the migration and cultural changes. Her active involvement in the researches resulted in more than 15 publications on migration, transnationalism, cultural changes and gender issues.

Karine Poghosyan graduated from Yerevan State University with a bachelor’s degree in jurisprudence (2010). She then continued her studies at the American University of Armenia and received a master’s degree (LL.M. 2012). The scope of her scientific interests lie within the scope of alternative (effective) dispute resolution. Currently, she works at Prudence Law Firm as an associate attorney. Also, she is a civil court certified mediator.

Anna Pokhsraryan

David Sarkisyan holds a BA (summa cum laude) and MA (with distinction) in international relations from Yerevan State University (YSU). He is currently a PhD student at YSU. David’s research interests involve the application of quantitative and formal methods in international relations. He has published 15 academic papers in international peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings. David is a winner of a number of research and travel grants from the Caucasus Research Resource Center—Armenia, Young Scholars Assistance Program, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, and the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Armenia.

Vigen Shirvanyan
Aghasi Tadevosyan
Ruzanna Tsaturyan
Narek Vardanyan

Artak Yengoyan has an extensive experience in banking and finance holding managerial positions in international banks. Currently, he is engaged in Risk Controlling and Compliance at ProCredit Bank Germany (Frankfurt am Main). His educational degrees include PhD in Economics from Yerevan State University and Master of Science Degree from Humboldt University of Berlin. His main fields of specialization are Finance and banking, International Economics and Econometrics. His research interests include Finance and banking, Macroeconomics, International Trade and Finance.