List of completed projects

Arevik Anapiosyan

Critical Thinking as a Tool of Conflict Resolution (Available in Armenian)

Kristine Antonyan

Academic Dishonesty in Armenian Higher Educational System (Available in Armenian)

Sos Avetisyan

Managing pro-Russian Discourse in Armenia: (De-) Securitizing the “obvious choice”—from Armenia’s Accession to Eurasian Economic Union to “April War” (Available in Armenian)

Olya Azatyan

Policy Transfer as Alternative to Policy Making Locally in Armenia

Vahan Bournazian

Development Discourse. Developed Society is a Group of Developed Individuals

Victoria Burnazyan

Analysis of the Socio-ecological Impact of Small Hydropower Stations (SHPPs) (Available in Armenian)

Inessa Chilingaryan

Study of Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes in Penitentiary Institutions of the RA Ministry of Justice (Available in Armenian)

Hamazasp Danielyan

NA Forthcoming Elections as an Opportunity to Improve the NKR Electoral System

Hamazasp Danielyan

Internet Voting in Armenia: Analysis of an “Unnoticed” Innovation (Available in Armenian)

Mkhitar Gabrielyan

Bologna process: A Student-Centered System? (Example of Three Armenian HEIs) (Available in Armenian)

Mkhitar Gabrielyan

Social and Cultural Components of Agricultural Development in Armenia:
The Impact of the Global Crisis, the Problems of Land Consolidation and Co-operation (Available in Armenian)

Valentina Gevorgyan

Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Revisited (policy brief)
Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Revisited (paper)

Valentina Gevorgyan

The Next Step in the Development of Armenian Civil Society (policy brief)
The Next Step in the Development of Armenian Civil Society (paper)

Lusine Grigoryan

ICT application in Armenian schools. How has the ICT become a part of general education? (Available in Armenian)

Arsen Hakobyan

Syrian-Armenians in Armenia. Repatriates or Refugees (policy brief)

Gharib Harutyunyan

Research on Gyumri Budgetary Policy (Available in Armenian)

Hovhannes Hovhannisyan

Cemeteries, Crematoriums or Other Solutions? Between Tradition and Modernization (Available in Armenian)

Hovhannes Hovhannisyan

Compatibility of Armenian Church History Textbooks with State Educational Standards (policy brief)

Lusine Karamyan

Armenian Helping Professionals about Homosexuality and LGBT Community

Ben Kennard

Armenia’s membership of the Eurasian Economic Union and the future of EU-Armenia relations

Serine Khachatryan

Improvement of Pension Reform Protection Mechanisms (Available in Armenian)

Vilen Khachatryan

The Economic Crisis and Its Effect on Armenia: Social Impact (Available in Armenian)

Artak Kyurumyan

Political Decisions about Public Debt Management in Armenia in Recent Years and Their Consequences

Artak Kyurumyan

Impact of the Public Debt of the Republic of Armenia on Economy and on the State Budget

Anna Makaryan

Impact of Global Financial Crisis Transitioning Ways on the Armenian Economy (Available in Armenian)

Nvard Manasyan

Compliance of Higher Education. Alumni and the Market (Available in Armenian)

Sona Manusyan, Narine Khachatryan

Society and NGOs. Interrelationship Problems and Ways of Improvement (Available in Armenian)

Avetik Mejlumyan

Labour Rights Protection Mechanisms in Armenia (Available in Armenian)

Avetik Mejlumyan

State Control and Supervision over the Compliance with the Requirements of RA Labour Legislation (Available in Armenian)

Avetik Mejlumyan

Anticorruption Policy in Armenian Education (Available in Armenian)

Araks Melkonyan

The Capability of Mentally and Intellectually Challenged People in Armenia (Available in Armenian)

Armine Mkhitaryan

Inter-governmental Transfers on the Way to Decentralization: Effective or Not (Available in Armenian)

Alina Poghosyan

Problems of People with HIV/AIDS in Armenia and Policy Response (Available in Armenian)

Alina Poghosyan

Gender Discourse and Gender Policy Perspective in Armenia (Available in Armenian)

Alina Poghosyan

The Impact of Changes in RF Migration Policy and the RA Migration Policy Response (Available in Armenian)

Karine Poghosyan, Heghine Badalyan, Mariam Mkrtichyan

Establishment of Justice via Legalization and Arbitration: The Case of “Financial Arbitration” of the Union of Banks of Armenia (Available in Armenian)

Anna Pokhsraryan, Lilit Shakaryan

The Link Between the University Education and Necessity to Develop an Integrated Education Model with the Labor Market (Available in Armenian)

David Sarkisyan

Tracking and Countering Anti-European and Anti-Democratic Propaganda in Armenia (policy brief)
Tracking and Countering Anti-European and Anti-Democratic Propaganda in Armenia

Vigen Shirvanyan

Performance of Student Councils in Armenia (Available in Armenian)

Aghasi Tadevosyan

Civic Activism and New Technologies in Armenia (Available in Armenian)

Aghasi Tadevosyan

Post-crisis Situation in Human Development Policy of Poor and Vulnerable Groups and Ways to Overcome It in Armenia (Available in Armenian)

Ruzanna Tsaturyan

Gender Roles in the Textbooks of Armenian Elementary Schools (Available in Armenian)

Ruzanna Tsaturyan

Gender Issues in the Environment of Lecturers, Teachers and Future Educators (Available in Armenian)

Ruzanna Tsaturyan

The Image of a Woman in Armenian Advertising (Available in Armenian)

Narek Vardanyan

Legal Reforms Needed for the Effective Development of Cooperatives in Armenia

Artak Yengoyan

Subsidization and Financing Schemes in Agriculture and Promotion of Agricultural Commodity Export (Available in Armenian)