Partnership for Open Society Initiative


The Partnership for Open Society (POS) is an operational program of OSIAF-Armenia aimed at developing democratic institutions in Armenia and promoting open society values, i.e. rule of law, independent professional media, acknowledgement and effective mechanisms of protection of human rights, including rights of minority groups and exercise of civil liberties. The Partnership, a coalition of sixty non-governmental organizations, was initiated by an active group of civil society actors to empower the civil society to deal with a wide range of issues and to timely respond to all the challenges and developments in the social and political realm of the country.  This is mainly achieved by empowering the civil society through training programs, policy strengthening initiatives in various fields and lobbying/advocacy activities.

The Partnership for Open Society is open to any organization that adheres to its principles.  More information about the Partnership for Open Society and its activities is available on the Partnership’s web-site at