National Education Program

Over the last decade the goal of the OSIAF-Armenia National Education Program was to facilitate creation of a new, progressive and favorable education environment, which would encourage, help and serve the needs of the educational community. Up until 2012 the Foundation supported reforms in the field of mainstream education in Armenia to democratize the school, to ensure transparency and improve administrative mechanisms, to incorporate high-tech tools in the education and to develop skills and enrich educational content through use of on-line resources.

Starting from 2012, the Foundation has shifted its priorities from support to mainstream education reforms onto research, monitoring and watchdogging of the reforms’ development, implementation and reporting processes. In 2012 the Foundation commissioned Turpanjian Center for Policy Analysis to conduct research on the Access to School Education in Armenia. In 2013 two more researches were initiated by the Foundation on the Assessment of Implementation of Inclusive Education in Armenia and the Assessment of Mainstream Education Reforms in Armenian with the Special Focus on In-service Teachers’ Trainings and Curriculum Reforms. The reports came as an outcry against the tightly controlled and inefficient mainstream education reforms and continuously decreasing education quality.

Simultaneously, the Foundation supported development of debate skills and practice at school and university levels by introducing Karl Popper format. 105 debate clubs in mainstream schools and 8 debate clubs in universities established and operate with support of the Foundation and provide platform to young people to develop critical thinking and debate around different socio-economic and other issues.

Starting from 2014 the Foundation will work to promote accountability and transparency of mainstream education reforms with the special focus on high school reform, governance and funding mechanisms to address executive control at legal, policy and practice levels.

For Publications, please visit Education Reports.

Current projects available:

  • University debate clubs established and coordinated by wither students or young lecturers at YSU, ASPU, VSPI, YSMU, Eurasia university.
  • Youth Engaged in Society implemented by Jinishian Memorial Foundation and supported and co-funded by the OSI AFA from 2011
  • Access to School Education in Armenia research conducted by the Turpanjian Center for Policy Analysis in 2012
  • Assessment of implementation of inclusive education in Armenia conducted by Center for Educational Researches and Consulting
  • Assessment of Mainstream Education Reforms in Armenian with the Special Focus on In-service Teachers’ Trainings and Curriculum Reforms conducted by NGO Barev