Education Programs

OSF-Armenia has historically engaged with the education system to foster critical and open-minded thinking, holistic approaches to development and merit, tolerance and equality, thus placing central the importance of education for the health of democratic social and political development of the country. To institutionalize changes in the system, for many years the Foundation engaged directly with the educational institutions providing them with policy and content support and enhancing the capacity of its main beneficiaries.
In 2013 the Foundation ceases its activities for reform support and undertook a number of research studies that evaluated the current state of affairs in a number of specific areas in education. These assessments collectively prove tremendous backsliding in quality, access, equity and integrity of education system. The stagnation of the reforms is attributed to the lack of good governance and accountability and transparency in the system. Moreover, the education system is heavily affected by the negative trends in the country on the whole in areas of human rights, open democratic values, social justice and equity, tolerance and anti-discrimination. These developments in the country underscored the Foundation’s decision to step out of the direct support and protect education as a public good, advocate for social justice and equity, good governance, and integrity of the system – all equally affecting the quality of education in the country.
The goal of our Education Program is to achieve equity and promote integrity of education system through: a) production of monitoring and research data and evidence of most significant malpractices; b) formulation of policy recommendations; c) building up the network of education experts, academia, community activists and parents; and d) advocacy for embedding integrity, equity and quality principles into the education development agenda.
Our priority directions are:
a) Building conclusive policy and monitoring resources;
c) Conducting domestic and international advocacy;
d) Mobilization and capacity building of academia and civil society.

External Education